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Business Intelligence Platforms move into mid-market with QlikView

Posted by | September 26, 2012 | Business Intelligence News Australia


Now that many BI systems are lighter, less costly, and simpler, Business intelligence is moving into a new market: mid-sized companies.  A March 2010 Forrester report found that BI implementations by small and midsize businesses (in the US) are on the upswing, even though SME BI use still lags larger organisations.

SaaS BI and self-service BI is having a significant impact on take-up, believes James Kobielu, an analyst at Forrester Research. “Companies that want to do BI can adopt and provision it more rapidly at a lower cost… and make it available to a broader range of users with less IT involvement and lower capital costs” he says.

One such affordable BI platform is QlikView, known for its simple and intuitive interface and speedy display of results using in-memory analytics. IDC claim it’s the worlds’ fastest-growing BI software, and is provided in Australia through Inside Info.
QlikView is an integrated BI platform that covers: reporting; monitoring; dashboards and analysis; combining data extraction (ETL); data storage; an engine for multi-dimensional analysis and process automation; data security; an end-user interface; and multiple platforms (fat client, thin client and web) all in one affordable product.

While many of the 500 companies integrating Qlikview in Australia are big companies (Amcor; Fujitsu General), mid-sized companies have also deployed it.
QlikView is now available on iPad and is served through the Safari web browser rather than a user app. The single license across multiple devices makes it a tool that can be used everywhere, providing live data and analytics from multiple data sources.

There are just a couple of QlikView Consultant positions listed in Australia at present, however we expect more to come.

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